Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint

05 October, 2016 by aroop

Saving the environment is cool and all, but can we as individuals and companies really make a difference? Yes, we can, and we can do it with the help of managed print services. 

 Printers use a lot of paper and electricity, both of which contribute to one’s carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is a way to measure the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere that is normally a direct or indirect result of human activities. These emissions have been proven to correlate with global warming, which is no friend to us or to future generations. 

 When a printer is repeatedly stalling, waste happens. White paper is getting crushed and ruined in paper jams. This not only wastes the paper, but it will waste the valuable time of the employees that were unlucky enough to get stuck fixing the paper jam. According to, there are some shocking statistics that you didn’t realize were caused by wasting paper: 

  • A ream of paper consists of 500 sheets. 
  •  An average employee consumes 30 reams each year--15,000 sheets of paper. 
  •  One ton of paper is about 400 reams. 
  •  For every 10 to 15 employees, your company will use-up one ton of paper per year. 
  •  It takes 12-24 trees to manufacture one ton of paper. 

 We understand you are not holding the axe, but the loss of trees is a definite contributing factor in environmental issues we can work to prevent. By saving paper, you save trees. By saving trees you reduce your carbon footprint. By reducing your carbon footprint, grab your flashy red cape, because you can help save the world.


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