ScanFlowStore: Making Your Life Easier

14 December, 2016 by aroop


Digital archives are great, we all know that. There's nothing worse than having to thumb through a file cabinet full of documents covered in dust, just to find the single page you're looking for. Being able to scan documents is one of the easiest ways to cut down clutter and organize your files, but it can be a mjor headache to archive all of your exisiting files. Of course, scanning a document doesn't always make it keeping track of it easier. Luckily, with Xerox's new ScanFlowStore, the next evolution of document scanning is here.

ScanFlowStore makes it possible to not just scan files, but also store them in the desired location of your network's existing Windows file structure all from the panel of the printer. This eliminates the need to retrieve scanned files and migrate them to the proper folders from your personal computer.

Digital Archiving is improved dramatically by this feature, and it is extremely simple to integrate into office policies. Scan menus can even be personalized based on a user's unique ID and password to trim the available file locations into familiar ones, which ultimately prevents confusion. 

ScanFlowStore also allows documents to be scanned as different file types including PDF, JPEG, Excel, Word, TIFF, or editable Open Office files. The desired output of the file can be selected from the panel by the click of a button. Advanced Image Processing ensures the quality of scanned files is at its highest and can even clean up common image blemishes, which means users save time, not having to re-scan files.

ScanFlowStore's e-mail synchronization allows users to send files to different contacts in a company's contact directory that informs them a file has been scanned. This also saves time and e-mail space since many attachments are large and cause clutter in inboxes. 

Since we want our partners to get the most out of their office technology, ScanFlowStore is a standard part of our Managed Print services here at Image Matters. Schedule a complimentary assessment with one of our office technology specialists today and see how you can get your equipment to work harder for you.

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