Saving Money With a Cost-Per-Print Strategy

by aroop 19 August, 2016

Who doesn’t like a good surprise? If that surprise is being a victim of fine print and hidden fees, most people will choose to sit out. With “cost-per-page” printing, you know exactly what you’re paying for from the start. Managed print strategies can almost be guaranteed as a more cost effective..

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The Inky Truth: Why is ink so expensive?

by aroop 01 August, 2016

So you buy a basic printer and it’s not that expensive. You’re excited…until you realize you have to buy ink and discover it’s even more expensive than the printer itself. How can that be? That’s because the manufacturer will make most of their money from the printer cartridges rather than the..

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Don't Get Stuck Between HIPAA & A Hard Place

by aroop 13 July, 2016

Copy machines are an imperative part of many offices’ day-to-day operations. Important documents are being duplicated every day to make communication easier between co-workers, clients, and many others involved in the organizations’ affairs.

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What’s Next For the Printing Industry?

by aroop 23 June, 2016

2016 has been a huge year in the printing industry and signs point to that only continuing. Over the last twenty-one months, the US commercial printing industry has experienced growth never before seen. This has led to things like: A rise in printed book sales, print becoming the new ‘new media’,..

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Managed Print Services Can Help you Bridge the Digital Gap

by aroop 10 June, 2016


The importance of fleet management and device efficiency throughout the Managed Print Services (MPS) market is well known. However, many have not yet considered the value of MPS to bridge a company into the digital world. If used correctly, MPS can provide a platform in which a company can..

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What Are Managed Print Services?

by aroop 25 May, 2016
Managed Print Services is a program offered by print providers that manages all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. The optimization of these devices enables businesses to save money, produce less paper waste and increase efficiency.
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Are Managed Print Services Right for My Business?

by admin 04 May, 2016

For many offices, the goal is to create strategies to cut overhead expenses, while also boosting productivity. The problem is, usually these two goals contradict each other. Boosting productivity requires capital expenditures, while cutting expenses means harming productivity. However, occasionally..

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Make Printer Down Days a Thing of the Past

by aroop 29 April, 2016

At one point or another, we’ve all had days when a printer went down on us. When this happens, what do we do? Usually we’ll try to fix it for a few minutes, then call the IT guy. In the meantime, work is piling up, and we’re at a standstill. By now there should be options to avoid this, and there..

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Why You Need An Office Print Policy Now

by aroop 06 April, 2016

Have you ever even considered your employees’ printing behaviors? If you haven’t, you aren’t alone. Studies suggest that up to 90% of companies have no idea how many printers they have or how much they are spending on office printing. The typical office worker prints a remarkable 10,000 pages each..

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Getting The Most Out of Your Office Technology

by aroop 31 March, 2016

Energy and resource consumption can take a huge chunk of budget. For a lot of business owners and office managers, this can be a thorn in their sides. But, fear not, because there are ways to combat this problem—and they are easier than you might think.

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