Are You Missing Out on Managed Print Services?

12 October, 2016 by aroop

We haven’t exactly been trying to keep it a secret that managed printing service is an up-and-coming industry that is climbing higher and higher up many companies’ priority lists. We know you may be hesitating because the last time you decided to follow a trend, it may have led to those embarrassing pictures of you at prom wearing parachute pants, but take it from us: This trend is going to stick better than indoor plumbing. 

So what is it that MPS can do that parachute pants couldn’t? It might have something to do with the undeniable savings that result from managing your printers efficiently. Printers have the tendency to frustrate us with problems that can occur when there are many people trying to “fix” it. Not to mention the effects that bargain brand toners or ink can cost your company once inevitable replacement or repairs are required. Although it might only seem like a repair here, and a replacement of a part there, all of these seemingly small costs add up in the long run.  

How do we save you and your company the big bucks? Having the most modern and efficient printing technology not only makes your day-to-day task easier, but it also will cut down on the amount of issues that can be brought on by old or tired machines. The bosses at the budget meeting might roll their eyes if you try and suggest an entire printing fleet update. However, by outsourcing your printing services you will have the comfort in knowing that your printers will be replaced when their day in the sun has come to an end. 

Even if you are slightly ahead of the curve and have outsourced a few of your machines, this is still less cost-efficient than getting all of your machines backed by Image Matters. Using multiple outsourcing companies can lead to more headaches than savings. 

Printing will always be a part of businesses; and taking initiative to make sure you are being the most efficient and cost-effective as possible will help your business reach its full potential. Image Matters wants to reduce the occasions you imagine taking a baseball bat to your printer. Our MPS will save you money, as well as frustration.


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